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We are an organisation dedicated to helping people acquire new skills that can be used to build a career future. WIS International has a long history of promoting from within and offering opportunities for our employees to meet new challenges.

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Meet John…

I don’t like my job, I love my job

I’m not stupid.

But if you were to base an opinion of me on my school days, you would probably think that I was!

Unfortunately, I thought it was cool to be popular rather than smart. And I left school at the start of the millennium with no formal qualifications. Stupid!

I joined WIS in the October of 2009 after being made redundant… twice!

My first WIS role had the job title “Crew Manager – Level 1.” It was my first ever role with “Manager” in the title. I liked it!

Many hours, many miles and many different challenges later and fast forward to March 2020 and almost 12 years later I was offered the opportunity to consolidate the regions and take operational control of the whole of the UK – a dream come true.

How I got from “stupid” to “Regional Manager of UK Operations” is a long story and one of immense personal pride.

Suffice to say that the whole WIS senior management team have supported and developed me throughout my career. Without them giving me the opportunity to show that I was better than I looked on paper, I would have missed a brilliant career.

I said it at the beginning, I don’t just like my job… I love it.

Early on, fulfilment was achieved through self-development and winning as a small team. However, now I take most professional pride in helping others develop their careers, as I have been given the opportunity to develop mine.