Pharmacy Stocktakes

WIS International has over 60 years of experience including innovation of our own proprietary technology, a skilled workforce of over 15,000 employees and 225 offices providing services to 4,500 clients worldwide.

Whether it is physical inventory counting, retail support, space optimisation or a custom tailored service, WIS can design a programme that meets your individual needs.

Pharmacy Stocktakes

You can rely on an experienced inventory service provider like us to ensure an accurate inventory for your facility. We can assist all the way through the process from building a core stock-file to an inventory count carried out by colleagues that understand Pharmacy and it’s special requirements. 

We have procedures and technical solutions created specifically for the healthcare industry.

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A Pharmacy Success Story

Without control, losses get ugly. Customers get frustrated at having clicked, but not collected.

Profits decline. Result… Misery! 

So imagine the horror of one leading retailer, whose grocery SKU count accuracy was always better than 99.75% correct, to discover that their pharmaceutical department Masterfile (if you could call it one) was only 65% accurate!

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Data Analytics

Leveraging the data we collect during your count via our state of art data warehouse and market leading tools. 

During the count we provide live dashboards with in count performance available for all stakeholders to use.

Post count we provide analysis dashboards using the market leading platform to inform and advise on not just the count but finding those trends that can make a difference. 

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