A Little Light Reading...

Surprise Surprise!

Hardships don’t wait until you are ready… Readers of a certain age will remember the American comedian Bob Hope. He was a bit like Jimmy Carr… but funny. Starting his career initially as a vaudeville comedian, Bob Hope became a Hollywood megastar. Click download to read more….

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Soft Power – the hard facts

How getting what you want will be different in the future… Another one bites the dust! Just when you feel it would be hard to imagine a more challenging premiership than Bojo’s, our man goes and adds the complexities of a new bride into the mix! Click download to read

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How racers and retailers harness data… to win!

How WIS International’s Data Dashboards are giving leading retailers complete visibility of stock, preventing loss and growing profits. By taking all of the raw data, that is an inevitable by-product of annual audits, our analysis provides extremely valuable insights into what is going on in the ‘engine room’ of your

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Nil Point! Can Eurovision count?

Our writer is less than impressed by the latest manifestation of our popularity in Europe…Nil point!”Are they having a laugh?I’m not saying that we should have won the Eurovision Song Contest last weekend. But when you look at the utter rubbish other countries sent, to not at least come half-way

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Life… It’s never easy..!

As the Government moves to make life simpler, everything gets more complicated!It is official.The day has finally arrived.I can officially hug my parents. Wahey!This is because since Monday, of course, hugging is back. And you would think that was a pretty simpleconcept to embrace – no pun intended. But what

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Restaurants to reopen at last…

I can’t wait for the 17th May, when restaurants re-open properly. A night off from the wife’s cooking!Although that is a little unfair to her, because not all our meals have been terrible… we have had a few takeaways.On the initial easing of lockdown, we decided to go and eat

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