About Us

WIS International has been delivering accurate results to many of the biggest names in retailing and manufacturing for over sixty years.

With more than 200,000 physical inventory counts taken every year, WIS has become one of the industry’s largest and most trusted suppliers of Inventory Counting Services.

We offer global coverage across four continents boasting a skilled workforce of over 15,000 employees and 225 offices providing services to 4,500 clients worldwide.

We never cut corners. We are committed to providing you with a consistently excellent service. And for that reason, we never employ temporary or agency staff – although it is increasingly common for others in our industry to do so.

Our dedicated, highly trained staff uses unique technology to help provide unrivalled speed and count accuracy.

Developed by us specifically to support our stock counting operations, our proprietary software is designed to meet real world challenges and grounded in actual operational experience (rather than theoretical needs) and helps us to consistently deliver the highest levels of service that you can find anywhere in the industry.

Supported by our in-house technology and information systems team, we can satisfy many different types of inventory requirements, including financial counts at retail or cost, SKU, capture of bar code and generation of variances. By using accepted, proven procedures we can maintain strict accuracy standards and provide the confidence that comes from an unbiased, independent third-party count.

So, whether it is physical inventory counting, retail merchandising, space optimisation or a customised service that you are looking for, WIS can provide a programme that precisely meets your individual needs

Geoff Chaplin

Managing Director