WIS International has been delivering accurate results to many of the biggest names in retailing and manufacturing for over sixty years. With more than 200,000 physical inventory counts taken every year, WIS International has become one of the industry’s largest and most trusted suppliers of Inventory Counting Services worldwide. 

We offer global coverage across four continents and our dedicated, highly trained staff use unique technology to help provide unrivalled speed, accuracy and the highest levels of service that you can find anywhere in the industry.

Flexibility To Take Inventory Your Way

We have over 60 years of experience, a skilled workforce of more than 15,000 employees and 225 offices providing services to 4,500 clients worldwide.

We use cutting edge technology, developed by us specifically to support our stock counting operations. Our proprietary software is designed to meet real world challenges and grounded in actual operational experience, rather than theoretical needs, to provide faster and more accurate counts.

So, whether it is physical inventory counting, retail merchandising, space optimisation or a customised service that you are looking for, WIS can provide a programme that precisely meets your individual needs.

Full Service Stocktakes

Our trained, direct-employed colleagues provide significant inventory expertise. Our attention to detail, full audit trail and customised processes mean that your stock will be counted faster and more accurately than ever before, leaving your staff free to concentrate on running the business.

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Pharmacy Stocktakes

You can rely on an experienced inventory service provider like us to ensure an accurate inventory for your facility. We can assist all the way through the process from building a core stock-file to an inventory count carried out by colleagues that understand Pharmacy and it’s special requirements. 

We have procedures and technical solutions created specifically for the healthcare industry.

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Self Service Stocktakes

Self service stocktakes provide a hybrid approach to stock counting. WIS provides one of our seasoned inventory supervisors, our proprietary software and fully tested equipment. We then partner with your knowledgeable staff, making the best use of innovative technology, in-store knowledge and expertise.

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Data Analytics

Leveraging the data we collect during your count. During the count we provide live dashboards with in count performance available for all stakeholders to use. Post count we provide analysis dashboards using the market leading platform to inform and advise on not just the count but finding those trends that can make a difference.  

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Retail Support Services

The events of 2020 have shown how very important it is to have access to market-specific personnel at short notice, when and where you need them. WIS can provide hundreds of colleagues to support your stores in a variety of tasks at critical times – whether that is to meet sudden and unexpected demand or support new infrastructure developments.  

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Featured Articles

Retailers in the UK wake up to realise Strategic Inventory routines increase sales revenues by up to 6% per year.

Twenty years ago, Stanley B. Vogelsang wrote what would later prove to be one of the single most insightful descriptions ever of how to succeed in retail. He wrote: The physical inventory or merchandise in the store is each retailer’s primary asset. How that asset is managed will likely determine the success of the retailer.

Why stock control through RFID is not as accurate or profitable as hands on counts. 

Now you might think “that’s a bit of a strong statement,” but let me put things into context…

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A Pharmacy Success Story

Without control, losses get ugly. Customers get frustrated at having clicked, but not collected.

Profits decline. Result… Misery! 

So imagine the horror of one leading retailer, whose grocery SKU count accuracy was always better than 99.75% correct, to discover that their pharmaceutical department Masterfile (if you could call it one) was only 65% accurate!

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A Clothing Retailer Success Story

Can you compete in modern clothing retail when more than a third of your stock is actually missing?

How WIS and a leading retail client collaborated to turn around a shambolic annual independent stock take…

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How racers and retailers harness data… to win!

WIS International’s Data Dashboards are giving leading retailers complete visibility of stock, preventing loss and growing profits.

By taking all of the raw data, that is an inevitable by-product of annual audits, our analysis provides extremely valuable insights into what is going on in the ‘engine room’ of your business, be that the warehousing, distribution centres, in-store stock levels or all three! And we can help you make winning decisions based on sound knowledge rather than bad guesses.

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WIS Careers

We are an organisation dedicated to helping people acquire new skills and building a career. WIS has a long history of promoting from within and offering opportunities to our employees to meet new challenges.

WIS is always looking for energetic, team-oriented individuals to join us in a fun and fast-paced environment located at our customers’ sites. Whether you are an experienced professional or just beginning your career, we invite you to take a look at the exciting opportunities we offer.

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